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Our strengths


Discover the passions and the philosophies
of the producers

We believe it is a pleasure and important to understand how, where and what kind of person is behind a drink. IMADEYA value visiting where the drinks are crafted to gain an in-depth understanding of its origins. It enables us to feel the natural features of each region and listen to the makers’ philosophy.

We don’t want them to call us just a “business partner”. We are wishing to collaborate and coexist with the makers to create better culture for the future.


Sharing happiness as a partner

We think anyone we share drinks with and who support the industry are our partners, whether you are running a restaurant or an individual customer. If you have doubts or issues regarding our drinks, we are here to hear you, so please reach out to us.

We frequently collaborate and run events involving our producers, creating a space for discovery and curiosity. For professionals, we offer beverage menu ideas to match each restaurant’s concepts and needs. We can provide education and meet-the-producer opportunities to support your understanding. We are more than happy to answer your needs and grow together.


Venturing Japanese drinks into the world
for the bright future

Japanese sake, wine and shochu are created to reflect each region’s natural characteristics and we strongly believe that this way of thinking is something that we should be proud of as Japanese people. The tradition and well-crafted techniques have been passed down century after century from those before them.

IMADEYA respects this sense of ritual and tradition. We are committed in following their footsteps and continuing this into the future.