IMADEYA Online Store

Our vision

Delicious drinks will bring delights and smiles
to your dining time

A drink is a life itself for the makers and is filled with fascinating characteristics.
IMADEYA is wishing to become an honest narrator
who listens and understands the maker’s mindset and professionalism.
We are not only just a liquor store that passing items from the makers to clients,
but also pursuing to deliver every drink together with the maker’s blessing to your dining time.


Brand story

IMADEYA was established in 1962 as a small local liquor shop located in Nitona town in Chiba city. We began our business with delivering liquor to our neighbor households. Eventually, we started wondering what we can do in order to widespread and thrive the beverage industry.

Fortunately, we got to have a wonderful encounter with numbers of makers and have grown firm relationships with them which enables us to gather amazing drinks.

We believe each IMADEYA store has its originality and creativity to express our great respect for the maker’s passions and philosophies.